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Welcome to the Sampson Law Group. Life is a journey that takes many twists and turns. It is impossible to predict exactly how to handle issues and events that arise during our lives, however there are places to turn for professional advice. At the Sampson Law Group we assist people of all ages who are preparing for the future with: asset protection, estate planning, elder law planning, tax planning, guardianships, wills, trusts, business planning and business transactions, real estate transactions, personal injury, special needs planning, Solo 401K Pension solutions, and more. We have resources available for those who need assistance with caring for a loved one. Whether it is clients who are facing long-term care issues or the parents and grandparents of special needs children, we are here to help. We understand wealth management. We know how difficult it can be when life's plans and dreams go off course, however, we have the skills, knowledge and resources to help you sort it all out and get back on track.

Let the attorneys at Sampson Law Group, help you navigate life's journey and guide you through difficult financial and socioeconomic times.