Legal Services - Westchester County, NY

Comprehensive Assessment

We offer a very comprehensive assessment together with collaborative services in a number of related areas. We examination an individual's legal, tax, bookkeeping, fiscal, physical, emotional and psychosocial health, their living arrangements, social support system, legal concerns, advance directives and safety.

Phone Consultation

Prior to the onset of services, the Sampson Law group provides a one hour complimentary in office consultation, designed to identify areas of concern and possible ways in which we can assist. We offer solution based analysis of each client's unique situation.

Comprehensive Care Plan Development

The Sampson Law Group establishes a unique and individualized 'Life Care Plan,' that addresses specific individual needs. We suggest a comprehensive plan and time frame for services, in order to maximize the individual's 'quality of life.' We assist client establish a fiscally responsible 'Life Care Plan', to maximize estate, tax and legal results.

Ongoing Care Management

Through consultants, the Sampson Law Group provides assistance with the selection of, implementation of, and monitoring of services within the home, or assisted living facility, transportation services.

Home Safety Evaluations

As part of the comprehensive assessment the Sampson Law Group takes an in depth look at the physical environment of the individual and provides recommendations for improving the safety of the environment.

Resource Referral Services

By evaluating the needs of the individual, the Sampson Law Group will be able to provide individuals with recommendations for needed services, based upon a thorough knowledge of the local healthcare industry and its offerings.