Real Estate Law - Westchester, New York

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Real estate law includes the following areas of practice:

Purchase and sales of residential and commercial properties

Advising builders and developers of real estate about the laws and regulations surrounding land use

Creating or representing clients on residential or commercial leases

Handling of joint ownership arrangements

Like kind exchanges, also known as 1031 exchanges

Work outs of distressed properties

Representing clients involved in Estate valuations of real property & closings

Succession planning for Business owners involving real property

It also involves utilizing knowledge from other areas of law including: Estates Planning, Estate & Gift Tax, Income Tax, Zoning Regulations, Contracts Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Real Property Law, Commercial Law, Liens Law, Mortgages, and Business Law.

In order to pass title, a deed with the proper description of the land must be executed, delivered and properly recorded. Adjustments are needed to be made at a closing for property taxes, and municipal services that are pre-paid or coming due. Mortgages are often either put in place or are taken off title and 'satisfied.' In order to be marketable title, the property needs to be 'clear.' In order to determine if title is clear, or marketable, a title search needs to be performed and certified.

At Sampson Law Group, we can do all of these things on a client's behalf.